Moving Time!

I sadly bid adieu to Blogger (it's been months since my last post), but I will be beginning anew on Tumblr:


Please follow me on my new blog!


Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, in the states and overseas!!

I'm not usually one for mushy sentimentality during the holidays, but I would like to express how truly thankful I am for all my wonderful friends and family and their endless support and encouragement. I'm incredibly grateful that I'm able to whole-heartedly pursue my passions and develop into the artist I want to be. Thank you everyone, you are more than I could ever hope for!!

In return, I'd like to unveil two more fruits of my labor for your viewing pleasure :)

Enjoy your turkey/tofurky day!

"Prudence" - 11" x 14", Graphite Pencil on Fine Art Paper

"Grit" - 11" x 14", Graphite Pencil on Fine Art Paper


Spaghetti Jesus

FINALLY!! A new post... I can't believe I haven't updated my blog since the end of the August!!

I'm still in San Francisco, but not for much longer. I'll be moving to Tucson, AZ, in mid-December, where I'll most likely be staying for the next year. It's about time to settle down in one place for a little while.

In the past couple of months I've been mainly doing my internship at Juxtapoz, gathering a lot of great promotional tips and such from my boss Hannah Stouffer, and working my ass off on new pieces for my group show in December up in Seattle.

Here is a sneak peek of what I'll be putting in the show:

11" x 14"
Graphite Pencil on Fine Art Paper

This piece is currently available as prints, laptop skins, t-shirts, and more at Søciety6.

So if you're in the Seattle area on December 8th, drop by Windermere Gallery in West Seattle during the annual West Seattle art walk for some amazing art and refreshments!


West Seattle Art Walk, December 2011

A group exhibition featuring new work by:

Michelle Anderst - www.michelleanderst.com

Sharon Birzer - www.sharonbirzer.com

Laura Hines - www.lauralouisehines.com

6-9 PM

Windermere Gallery
4526 California Ave. SW
Seattle, WA

Ongoing from December 8th - January 10th


Turning Tables

I recently updated the look of my website. It should be easier to navigate it on multiple platforms, especially since it no longer works on flash.

I've been busy busy busy with daily blogging, researching different artists, and working on my own stuff. Next week I'll be helping Hannah to set up her table at Zine Fest here in San Francisco. Hopefully I can either get some postcards of my work printed or do a small zine of my own in the next week... we'll see!

A quick art update: here is a glimpse at the beginnings of my latest piece:


"Creating masterpieces since 20 years ago"

I'm in SF now, soaking everything in and trying to ignore the more practical responsibilities of finding a new place to live. Hopefully my next move will not be nearly as hellish as the last one.

I started my internship with illustrator Hannah Stouffer for Juxtapoz magazine, and I am ecstatic about it! I'm helping with blogging for the Illustration and Erotica sections of the website, and I'll be doing more in the way of research and mini-interviews as time goes on. It's the best kind of busy work for a huge nerd like me, and the learning opportunities are endless. Being able to browse through reams of images all day long is like a visual massage with a happy ending. By the end of the day I am contentedly exhausted and very pleased with my lot in life.

More to come as the internship continues!

I've had a little time to start working on my next piece. These are a couple of sketches I've been working on, although at the moment my only means of uploading them is to use PhotoBooth.



I'm leaving on Friday for San Francisco! I've been busy packing, but I've tried to keep up some creative work. This is my latest finished piece.


Terry Gilliam: Cut-Out Animation

"Monty Python animator Terry Gilliam discussing his animation techniques on Bob Godfrey's Do-It-Yourself Animation Show in 1974."

This is a wonderful video of Terry Gilliam explaining his cut-out animation techniques used most famously in Monty Python. His insights into the process of art-making are simple and effective, and I think very true. I've always admired his tenacity and almost sheer single-mindedness to bring his visions to life (e.g. Brazil, Baron Von Munchausen, Lost in La Mancha). To me he embodies the pure will to create, and will always count amongst my favorite film directors. Not to mention he has a terribly wicked sense of humor.

Link taken from www.cartoonbrew.com.

"Godfrey's show... made animation accessible to the masses by taking the mystery out of the production process... In a day and age when more kids are interested in animating than ever before, it's a shame that TV shows (or Web series) that are fun and informative like this don't exist. The DIY advice that Gilliam gives in this episode is not only brilliant, but still as relevant today as back then."

"The whole point of animation to me is to tell a story, make a joke, express an idea. The technique itself doesn't really matter. Whatever works is the thing to use." - Terry Gilliam



Great news! In the next week I'll be moving down to San Francisco to start an internship with Juxtapoz magazine!!!! I'm incredibly excited, and will share more once I get settled in the city.

I've been working on a new piece, so here's a shot of its progress (apologies for the poor quality).



Mother, father, chinese dentist

I just got my copy of Viction:ary's "Dark Inspirations: Grotesque Illustrations, Art, and Design".

I am freaking out; it's an amazing collection!! Wonderfully weird and morbid. I highly suggest it to anyone who appreciates the darker side of creativity (not to mention bones, breasts, and death).

It features a couple of my present favorite artists:


Famous Mortimer

Exciting news to come! In the meantime...

... a sour looking chap with a cigar.


Make Way for Tomorrow

I'm happy to exclaim "The dry spell is over"!

I've been working on learning more about the principles of graphic design and typography by endlessly watching lynda.com tutorials and documentaries. I must say my favorite so far has been a profile on graphic designer Margo Chase and her design firm. It always amazes me how much you can learn from just a short talk with an industry professional!

I'm also starting to work out some details for a larger book project of illustrations and stories. With my partner, Kainan, we're creating a new American mythology. It's going to be a fun project! Might as well make the best of our unoccupied hours.

Additionally, I'm working with my SVA classmates to create an online illustration collective. Right now I'm working on a draft of our mission statement and general philosophy.

I'm ALSO excited to have the opportunity to apply to one of my FAVORITE magazines as an intern in San Francisco! More on this at a later time :)

For content, here are a couple of recent doodles. Enjoy!



I'm in the full throes of an artist's block. Not even a lack of ideas, but an incapability to put anything to paper. It's been going on for a week and is truly depressing! My mind evidently needs some downtime to rest/absorb new stimuli. It probably doesn't help that I'm far from happy, being stuck and jobless in a podunk town in southern oregon. I need a "happiness buzz", as David Lynch puts it. All the more reason to relocate to a better, sunnier, larger place.

So no images to show for now. Hopefully my next post will show more productivity and general optimism.


George is getting upset

Finally took some time to just be a little lazy and watch unlimited amounts of Star Trek TNG on Netflix (although admittedly I couldn't completely put down my work!) Back in the groove today and just finished another film poster piece, this time for "Breathless".


Careless Whisper

Busy day - further updated the website (see it here!), applied to another job, and finished a quick illustration I started last night. Missing New York and all my illustrator friends terribly.