Make Way for Tomorrow

I'm happy to exclaim "The dry spell is over"!

I've been working on learning more about the principles of graphic design and typography by endlessly watching lynda.com tutorials and documentaries. I must say my favorite so far has been a profile on graphic designer Margo Chase and her design firm. It always amazes me how much you can learn from just a short talk with an industry professional!

I'm also starting to work out some details for a larger book project of illustrations and stories. With my partner, Kainan, we're creating a new American mythology. It's going to be a fun project! Might as well make the best of our unoccupied hours.

Additionally, I'm working with my SVA classmates to create an online illustration collective. Right now I'm working on a draft of our mission statement and general philosophy.

I'm ALSO excited to have the opportunity to apply to one of my FAVORITE magazines as an intern in San Francisco! More on this at a later time :)

For content, here are a couple of recent doodles. Enjoy!

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