"Creating masterpieces since 20 years ago"

I'm in SF now, soaking everything in and trying to ignore the more practical responsibilities of finding a new place to live. Hopefully my next move will not be nearly as hellish as the last one.

I started my internship with illustrator Hannah Stouffer for Juxtapoz magazine, and I am ecstatic about it! I'm helping with blogging for the Illustration and Erotica sections of the website, and I'll be doing more in the way of research and mini-interviews as time goes on. It's the best kind of busy work for a huge nerd like me, and the learning opportunities are endless. Being able to browse through reams of images all day long is like a visual massage with a happy ending. By the end of the day I am contentedly exhausted and very pleased with my lot in life.

More to come as the internship continues!

I've had a little time to start working on my next piece. These are a couple of sketches I've been working on, although at the moment my only means of uploading them is to use PhotoBooth.

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